Fri, 18 Nov 2005

a little update again

yow. i fixed my command-line applications "wyrd" and "raggle". cool - now i'm on time again for every meeting/appointment, ...

on an unknown day cypher wrote:
How come you use more and more ruby tools? first port* on FBSD and now Raggle? :) /me likes this (and raggle looks nice too)
on an unknown day nostromo wrote:
sorry to disappoint you, cypher23, but i just switched from raggle to snownews. a client i already had tried out before raggle. though i don't like it that much as raggle, it works. so, until some ruby+ssl features are fixed, i will stick to it. well, maybe i get to like it, so i will not switch back again? let's see...
on an unknown day Johnny Meulemans wrote:
 Ming projects
I have followed your links to your Ming projects, and have found your idea to make presentations with Flash marvelous... After having found the Macromedia Stand-Alone Flash player, and after installing the Ming 0.3 libraries and its Perl extensions, I have executed your Perl source. No problems. Nice Flash presentation... Your work has inspired me to buy "Perl for Dummies" and the last three days I have been modifying your Perl code, for these reasons: (1) read the slides text from an external file, (2) accept the file-names from the command-line arguments, (3) add animation effects for building-up each slide, (4) add animation effects for showing each individual line, (5) allow these effects to be specified in the input text file, ... I no longer will prepare my presentations with Impress or PowerPoint, but will use Flash instead. Thank you for the idea! If you would like to have a copy of your modified Perl source, e-mail me, so than I can e-mail you back the source file.... Greetings, Johnny (living in Belgium)

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