Sun, 09 Oct 2005

"lange nacht der museen"

once a year several bigger cities (such as vienna, linz, etc...) are arranging a night where one can visit all participa...

on an unknown day GangMan wrote:
Sina and I went to the LNdM in Innsbruck. We decided quite late to go so it was already 22:30 and we only went to one museum (the Schloss Ambras with a Habsburger exhibition). We saw lots of pictures and heard a Don Quixote reading which was quite nice. But I have the same impression as you - even though Innsbruck is conceivably smaller than Vienna, it would have been impossible to visit more than three museums. I think that a museum night is a really great idea but this would me for me that museums should be open _all night long_. Where's the feedback button? ;)
on an unknown day nostromo wrote:
hm... 2003 i was at the LNdM with phil in lince. we visited loads of museums and really had plenty of time left. i guess it's mainly the distances between the museums that makes it so difficult in vienna.

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