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initialisation and starting

for an easier start and basic initialisation, it's best to add some lines to your ~/.cshrc, ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile or whatever file you use to make your basic settings for your shell. add those lines:

IRCSERVER = "" IRCNAME = "Bla Fasel" IRCNICK = "BitchUser"

IRCSERVER defines a list of servers BitchX will connect to on startup and reconnect if one of teh servers is unreachable during a session.
IRCNAME describes what will be shown on a whois-request on your nick and
IRCNICK of course is teh nick that will be initialy used (if available). ok, so now start BitchX (with whatever options you think that might be usefull for you. i prefer "-A" to get rid of teh annoying ascii-art "splash-screen" on startup), and join any channel you like. in this case, i'll join #bitch_test, which is done via /join #bitch_test.

-:- [local users on irc(1075)] 1% -:- [global users on irc(111102)] 100% -:- [services on irc(6)] -:- [ircops on irc(188)] 0% -:- [total users on irc(111102)] -:- [unknown connections(4)] -:- [total servers on irc(41)] (avg. 2709 users per server) -:- [total channels created(55276)] (avg. 2 users per channel) -:- 1075 1185 local users current, max -:- 111102 124460 global users current, max -:- The new BitchX help system from EPIC is available by typing /ehelp. -:- The old BitchX help files are available as /bhelp. -:- ircII help files are available as /help. -=- 11:11PM Mode change [+iw] for user BitchUser --------------- -- - | BitchUser ( (Austria) ircname : Bla Fasel server : (interxion Vienna, Austria) : idle : 0 hours 4 mins 23 secs (signon: Wed May 26 23:24:42 2004)

[23:18][BitchUser(+iw)] [] [Lag ??] [::::] [0]

using bitchx

key bindings

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