centericq-4.8.8-1.i386.rpm (rh7.x) (*)

--------------------------------------------------------- Configuration results: Default configuration. ---------------------------------------------------------
root@nostromo:/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386# rpm -qpi centericq-4.8.8-1.i386.rpm Name : centericq Relocations: (not relocateable) Version : 4.8.8 Vendor: Weyland Yutani Release : 1 Build Date: Sun 01 Dec 2002 10:00:50 PM CET Install date: (not installed) Build Host: Group : Applications/Communication Source RPM: centericq-4.8.8-1.src.rpm Size : 3936845 License: GPL Packager : Nostromo Eiljeen URL : Summary : Console ncurses based IM client. ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM and IRC protocols are supported. Description : centericq is a text mode menu- and window-driven IM interface. Currently ICQ2000, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM TOC and IRC protocols are supported. It allows you to send, receive, and forward messages, URLs and, SMSes, mass message send, search for users (including extended "whitepages search"), view users' details, maintain your contact list directly from the program (including non-icq contacts), view the messages history, register a new UIN and update your details, be informed on receiving email messages, automatically set away after the defined period of inactivity (on any console), and have your own ignore, visible and invisible lists. It can also associate events with sounds, has support for Hebrew and Arabic languages and allows to arrange contacts into groups.
Requires: ncurses >= 4.2 Requires: libsigc++ >= 1.0.0 Requires: glib >= 1.2.0
root@nostromo:/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386# rpm -qpR centericq-4.8.8-1.i386.rpm ncurses >= 4.2 libsigc++ >= 1.0.0 glib >= 1.2.0 rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1 rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1 /bin/sh /usr/bin/perl
root@nostromo:/usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386# rpm -qpl centericq-4.8.8-1.i386.rpm /usr/bin/centericq /usr/bin/cicqconv /usr/bin/cicqsync /usr/man/man1/centericq.1.gz /usr/share/centericq/contrib/spanish/COPYING /usr/share/centericq/contrib/spanish/ChangeLog /usr/share/centericq/contrib/spanish/FAQ /usr/share/centericq/contrib/spanish/INSTALL /usr/share/centericq/contrib/spanish/README /usr/share/centericq/email.wav /usr/share/centericq/msg.wav /usr/share/centericq/online.wav /usr/share/centericq/sms.wav /usr/share/centericq/url.wav /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8 /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/AUTHORS /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/COPYING /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/ChangeLog /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/FAQ /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/INSTALL /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/README /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/THANKS /usr/share/doc/centericq-4.8.8/TODO /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/