fn_curses - a freenet (0.7) client written in perl.


        Freenet (0.7) Client written in Perl using...
        * Curses::UI
        * Curses::UI::POE
        * POE::Wheel::Curses
        * Freenet::Message
        * and Freenet::Connection
        * strict
        it's not a replacement for clients like Thaw or frost since
        it's main goal is to monitor and start downloads only. it has
        no upload-functionality (yet), also it entirely lacks handling
        of boards and messages. but if monitoring and launching new
        downloads is all you need, this might be a more CPU- and RAM-
        friendly alternative to the java-applets. since my workstation
        is not a top-notch high-end PC i wrote this application.

        '+'        ~increase priority
        '-'        ~decrease priority
        '1' .. '5' ~set priority from '1' through '5'
        'a'         about this client
        'c'         change configuration
        'd'         download keys(s)
        'D'         download keys(s) from file
        'h'         this help
        'j'/'DOWN'  next item
        'k'/'UP'    previous item
        'm'         show my node
        'p'         list peers
        'q'         shutdown client
        'r'         reload requests
        'R'         remove finished downloads from list
        's'         toggle through sort-methods
        'u'         undo changes for current request
        '^Q'        shutdown node
        'ENTER'     update changes on current request
        'ENTER'     launch external viewer/player if request is finished
        'BACKSPACE' delete current request
        '^X'        delete current request

        current version is available here.
        current version is fn_curses-v0.1a-14.tgz.

        everybody loves them, everybody wants them. so here they are:
        * nr.01 a normal session with some downloads running...
        * nr.02 showing the help screen...
        * nr.03 with opened configuration window...
        * nr.04 showing mynode information...
        * nr.05 listing friends/strangers...
        * nr.06 loading some toad keys via keyboard input...
        * nr.07 and the rest via 'loading keys from file' and an
            alphabetically sorted filelist...
        * nr.08 watching a cool progressbars and receiving keys...
        * nr.09 viewing a cute toad from finished downloads via ex-
            ternal viewer...
        * nr.10 and in the meantime 'omg.jpg' got finished too - oooh,
            a cute LOL-cat!

        MD5 = 54672f9f72b4b7f3a3399e3df6928d18
        SHA256 = d9cfc97287282413fcd065563c2b07987243634ee7393e334c4e60b73a9226ae

        * "remove finished downloads [...]" sometimes omits entries.

        this one should be fixed within the next (few) release(s).

        please keep in mind i'm no programmer! so please don't post my
        code on sites like ``WorseThanFailure'' (fka ``thedailyWTF'').
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