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Fri, 21 Oct 2005
media gala 05 (0 comments)
introduction about what this "media gala 05"-stuff is all about can be found here. what i'm very happy about is the fact that zombiequeen's project "teapot" has won a price! this is so cool and i am so happy for her. furthermore i'm really glad this event is over now, since it really drew upon zombiequeen for weeks. this had its peak level in sleepless nights for her to finish stuff for the gala - poor her... well, it is done, and the show was really great. she (and the rest of the team) really did her (their) job very well! in summary, it was really impressive what students are able to produce. the submissions done to the media gala were really great (all of them)! enough with commendations, here are the pics! enjoy...

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Sun, 09 Oct 2005
"lange nacht der museen" (2 comments)
once a year several bigger cities (such as vienna, linz, etc...) are arranging a night where one can visit all participating museums with only one ticket. 2003 i visited the museums in linz, this year i planned to go to vienna with zombiequeen, since vienna has way more museums than linz has. well, it turned out that this is a big disadvantage. the event starts at 18:00 and ends at 01:00, so one has 5 hours to visit the museums you're interested in. since we went there with several friends there were already 3 museums that some of us wanted to visit. we started at the MAK ("museum fuer angewandte kunst"/"museum of applied arts") taking a look at an exhibition with focus on anime. there even were anime-drawing courses, but this would have been too time consuming. instead we decided to go to the "heindl schokolade museum" ("chocolate museum"). well it turned out that the shuttle-bus takes 40 mins to get there. when we arrived there it would have taken another 20mins until the next guided tour started. since it already was late and we wanted to see many more exhibitions, we decided to jump the bus back to town without seeing the chocolade museum from inside (instead we had a glance through big windows, giving an insight into the museum too). well, back to the center of vienna again took 30mins. yuhu, 80mins wasted for nothing! since it was already 00:30 we took the next museum we saw. so we visited the "naturhistorisches museum wien" ("natural history museum"). there we had a quick look at the "vivarium", mostly fishes and marine fauna. then we went on to the dinsoaur section with loads of bones, skulls and other fossiled bodyparts. pretty cool, actually. well, all in all we had loads of fun this night, but vienna has way too much museums. one can never make a lot of museums since there's definitely not enough time. next year i will stay in linz again, this time bringing my friends to linz, and giving them a guide. finally: the pix. hf

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Sat, 01 Oct 2005
RISCSW seminar (0 comments)
well, we (RISCSW) had the annual seminar. since this is the second seminar since i started working there, and last year i couldn't participate (though i actually don't remember why), this was my first seminar at this company. well on thursday, 16:00 we (geekU and rmu) left for bad fuessing, located in germany, near the border to austria. after a 2 hour ride we arrived there. well, as one can see from the website, bad fuessing is a health resort with a spa. due to this fact, the only people we saw in town, the hotel and the "disco" we went to, were old... _really_ old. furthermore it seems, because of the spa, people in bad fuessing don't care too much about prices for heating. additionally i think old people like it warm. so whenever we stayed indoor, it was warm, sometimes even hot. after having supper our secretary asked at the reception where to go to have fun. she was told to go to the "juwel-club". well, it turned out, that the "juwel-club" is again focused on old people, ... _really_ old people. ok, so night-life? no. instead we entertained ourself, got slightly drunk. alcohol made my colleagues do strange things, but see yourself by looking at the gallery-pics. friday morning and afternoon were exclusively for talking about company-internals. though exhausting, it was fun and i think it was really worth all the effort. afterwards we (geekU, rmu and akonda) watched the making-of movie from battle-royal. this made me quite tired, so i went to my room and took a nap. afterwards the entire company went to a pizzeria. in the evening most of my colleagues again went to club-juwel (i guess mainly because it was just across the street, so they would find their way home, even when totally drunk - well, all of them did so). geekU and i explored the streets of bad fuessing at night instead. well, as we expected, there was not much to explore. the streets were empty after 22:00 o'clock, and all restaurants, "bars" and cafes closed between 00:00 and 01:00 o'clock. but we found a garden where loads of bronze sculptures stood around - that looked pretty nice actually (see the gallery-pics again). around 02:00 we went to bed. saturday-morning again was reserved for company stuff, talks and discussions. again it was pretty cool, since the stuff we were talking about affected all of us. at about 14:00 we drove home again. i feel older now, _really_ older...

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