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Fri, 06 Jan 2006
new year's eve in prague... (0 comments)
since this will be a really long (and of course boring) bLog-entry, i added some pix to spice it up and bring joy to your eyes... yow, as reported in my last boringLog-entry my girlfriend and i went to prague. the stay lasted from the 31st of december 2005 to the 03rd of january 2006. although it's the fourth time now for me (and the second time for zombiequeen) that i've been to prague, i still enjoyed this town so much. especially the gothic-style of the buildings, the statues, etc is what fascinates me most. this also includes decayed buildings and factories outside of prague.
we went there by train which took us about four hours from vienna to prague. since we arrived on a smaller railway station and it was saturday the 31st of december, most shops were closed and not too many people were around. this turned out to be a problem since we didn't know how to get to our accomodation. fortunately some policemen helped us searching on a city-map hanging out at the station. it took them ages to find it, but they finally told us what metro to take, where to change to which bus-line and where to get off. they were actually the only friendly czech people we met at the station. the accomodation was fine and it took us about 30 minutes to get there from the center of prague, which is pretty ok for the "top-season", as it was announced by the booking-agency we used for our hotel (if you ever plan to go to prague, it's definitely a good site i can recommend. i used it twice to get a hotel/accomodation and the service was excellent!). later we drove back to the city again, had a good pizza, loads of impressions and loads of coffee and tee, since it was pretty cold. the turn of the year we celebrated like hundreds of other tourists and czech people near charles bridge and at the bank of river vltava. for hours the sky was lit by rockets and the streets were filled with sounds of firecrackers. after midnight we were walking around a bit to various places, all crowded with people, all happy (and maybe drunk). the atmosphere was friendly, nice and untroubled.
later we tried to get home, which was more of a nightmare. although a bus was scheduled for 01:35 and 02:05 no bus arrived at the station. so we started walking and tried to get a taxi. after a very long while we finally got one that brought us home safely (there was loads of snow on the side roads).
the next day (01.01.2006) we drove back to town had a really good "breakfast" (apple-pie and cappuchino) and then continued our tour through prague. although it was sunday and the 01st of january, surprisingly a lot of shops had opened. since we were pretty tired from walking all day long in the cold and still a little hangover from our "let's wait 1h for a bus that never showed up"-experience from the day before we went home pretty early and stayed in bed and enjoyed czech tv and a little reading. on the 02nd of january we planned a shopping tour through prague. zombiequeen knew a cool shop to get clothes and i wanted to get a bag for my camera. so we got up pretty early and drove to town where we arrived at about 10:15. unfortunately at this time no breakfast is served anymore - absolutely bad luck for us. there ain't even a breakfast at McDonald's - the guy looked at us in wonder when we asked for a breakfast... so we went to a normal shop, got us some pastry, some cheese, a yoghurt-drink and some sweets and had breakfast at the river vltava surrounded by seagulls. this in fact was more fun than staying in a coffee house, but also it was colder...
we continued this trip and found some lovely shops, including this one with all sort of cat stuff.
on the next day we had to get up early again - our train left at 10:25 from prague... all in all this was really a wonderful new year's eve and weekend. oh, and here's the link to the gallery with the pix included here and of course lots more... have fun.

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