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Wed, 23 Jul 2008
nostromo in hello-kitty land, day 05 (0 comments)
today, day 05, i got up late and went to McDonald's for my breakfast at about 10:30. then i headed for the "daijen-ji temple" in the "meguro" ward. while going there i found another little shrine, called "shimo meguro"[002]. actually i noticed there are loads of shrines and temples spread all over tokyo as it seems, no matter if it's an area full of skyscrapers or parks. as far as i have seen there's often a cemetery included. what you see on the picture is all of "shimo meguro" shrine. shrines and temples also often differ in size. "joenji-temple"[003-031] is much bigger and more popular. it has a strange arrangement of sculptures and some metal dragons too. it is popular for the 519 statues of enlightened followers of buddha, and each statue is unique. after taking the pictures i sat down on a bench in the shadow when suddenly a crow[022-031] was landing right next to me. i have never been that close to these animals before. pretty impressive birds. i guess this one was hungry, but unfortunately i had nothing to feed it. so the bird sat there for quite a while but then flew to other people in the shrine area. left alone by the bird i decided to move on to "meguro gajoen"[032-050], a big hotel and multipurpose community place that is very popular for weddings, that also has a japanese garden included. like all the other gardens i have seen so far it was a wonderful, quiet place within the loud city. on my way to my next stop i came by this love hotel[051,054]. love hotels can be rent on an hourly basis and are visited by couples, as usually the walls in japanese houses are very thin, so everyone can hear what's going on in the neighbours' room. they seem to be quite popular as i have already seen a lot of them, but not one that looks like a castle like this one on the picture. another temple on my way to my next stop, namely "meguro fudo temple"[056-064]. finally i arrived at the "tennonzan gohyaku rakanji tempel", but unfortunately taking pictures was not allowed. inside one can see 305 (of 500) arhat statues. arhat's were followers of buddha, but this time they were made of wood and not of stone as in the "joenji temple". i was totally alone in the entire temple area, which was great, especially when i was alone with 300 wooden statues. i forgot to mention that yesterday i was buying tickets for the "studio ghibli museum". tickets for this museum can exclusively be bought only at "lawson" convenience stores. but only a few seem to have a "loppi" machine. that's the vending machine where on can get the ticket. so i was lucky and found a lawson store, and (even more important) had Kaze_ with me. as it turned out, to buy a ticket is a really hard job, even for the employees at lawson, and especially if a non-japanese wants to buy a ticket. because you have to choose date and time when you want to arrive at the museum and you have to give your name to the lawson employee as it will be printed on the ticket too. so this guy said to Kaze_ he needs my name, i tell Kaze_ my name and then... well. how to type it on a japanese-only touchscreen-keyboard? after a while the guy typed something into this ticket vending machine. it took us almost ten minutes to finally get my "studio ghibli museum" ticket! i was really looking forward to visiting this museum since i had booked my flight and had found the museum's site on the internet. another strange thing about the museum: for non-japanese people there are shops you can buy it in europe, namely in the UK, france, and italy. there's an exhibition about ghibli art in another museum too, and guess what: tickets can be exclusively bought at lawson stores. but anyway, it was really worth all the effort (and pretty high entrance price of 6EUR compared to other museums in tokyo). inside the "studio ghibli" museum one can see quite a lot of great and interesting stuff. unfortunately taking pictures inside the museum was not allowed. the museum describes how a cartoon film is created step by step, and shows, for each step, original material from various "studio ghibli" films. additionally there's a cinema included that shows a 15 minute ghibli film i did not know yet. a kid's area with the huge cat bus the kids can climb is there too. outside[068-085] one can see the various creatures that appear in ghibli movies. the interior decoration is lovingly decorated and has many details that are worth to be explored. i really enjoyed this museum! for dinner i bought a bento-box[092] (i guess it was one) with all kind of japanese food in it. though for some pieces of the box i did not know what it was, nor what it's called, everything tasted delicious! additionally i bought japanese sweets and orange juice. the sweets taste strange, but ok. total costs: 4EUR. right now, while writing this bLog-entry there was another earthquake. this time the hotel was shaking even harder than it was on my first day. it also lasted longer and the mirror on the wall in my hotel room was constantly banging against the wall. quite impressive. minutes later: they even show it on almost all tv channels i have in the hotel. seems like this was even for japanese people a very strong one. the northern region gets rated "6.8" (that's were the center of the earthquake was), tokyo "4.0". seems like they refer to the richter scale. random facts for tokyo: the masks people wear are to protect others if the person wearing the mask is ill. women have their bags opened while riding in crowded trains, therefore i assume there are no pickpockets. additionally there are no beggars on the street, only a few homeless people who prefer to sleep on park benches.

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