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Mon, 28 Jul 2008
nostromo in hello-kitty land, day 10 (0 comments)
day 10 was, once more a rather relaxing day. first of all the daily doses of shrining! starting with "yushima seido"[002-022], and the next one just a few metres further down the street "yushima tenjin"[025-044] shrine. once more a picture of the "kuro neko"[045-046] ("black cat") parcel service. i love that logo - meow. next stop was a visit to the "kyu iwasaki tei" garden. a garden that belonged to the "mitsubishi" founder "iwasaki yataro". in the garden is his house that has a western-style part and a traditional part. at the entrance i had to put off my shoes, so i was walking barefoot on red carpet, that was laid out all over the corridors. inside no photography. on my way to my next stop i saw a man standing near a bush, staring at it. so i stared there too, and saw a chirping little bird[056-058]. it seemed it has fallen out of the nest. another person came there to look at the bird, and then the three of us started to search for the nest in the nearby trees. but no luck. so the man took the bird, and said (with typical japanese accent) "police station", and nodded heavily. i thought... hm... ok, why not. policemen seem to be contacted for really everything here in tokyo, it seems. so the man walked away with the little bird in his hands. the thought of him at the police-station with the little bird actually made me smile. after another few minutes walking i came to the "tokyo todai"[064-080] ("tokyo university") that is the elitist university in tokyo, but the buildings are rundown and shabby. at a convenience store i bought some japanese sweets[071-072] and an unknown drink (printing on the tetrapack was all just japanese). the drink was delicious, i think it was some kind of yoghurt-drink or so, but the sweets were way too sweet. i ate one skewer, and i started to feel sick - too bad. i decided not to eat the rest. i felt sick for several hours then. but, at least i tried something new on the food sector... "kanda myojin"[091-105] shrine was next to get my full daily doses. it was on my way to "tokyo dome"[110-149], another fun fair in tokyo. attraction here is definitely the roller coaster that is built around a building here. i also noticed a "moomin bakery & cafe"[120-128], and went inside for a coffee. i found loads of moomin stuff and big stuffed moomin creatures sitting right at some tables. like all merchandising stuff (like studio ghibli or moomins) everything was pretty expensive (compared to similar products). yet i liked it and enjoyed my coffee, surrounded by moomin creatures. then i went home to take a shower and get to "akihabara" again to meet Gullevek, who lives in tokyo for over three years now. i asked him if he would like to join me going to a cosplay restaurant, preferably a maid-restaurant where the girls wear cat-ears (yeah, right, again "nekomimi"-stuff - i like it!). several girls offered flyers for various cosplay restaurants on the street, but the services changed from cooking to massages (facial, foot, back, or hand). one offered massage and chocolate. hm... ok, why not. but this is not what i wanted. we finally got a flyer from a cute maid with cat-ears (unfortunately she didn't like to be photographed). it turned out to be the cafe i already took a photo of its flyer on day 04, picture [94], which i thought was an advertisement for another cat-cafe. unfortunately inside the cafe no photos were allowed. not even pictures of the meal i had. i had rice with beef and japanese curry sauce. very spicy, very delicious. Gullevek ate some sort of pancake with rice filling. it is served with ketchup, and the nekomimi-maid came with the plate, drew a cute cat face on it, and finally placed the plate on the table. but again, no pictures allowed. i think if i would live in tokyo i would visit this kind of restaurant pretty often. very very cute nekomimi-maids are something i will definitely be missing at home. poor, poor me. random facts about tokyo (as told by Gullevek): i already had noticed there are no dustbins around throughout tokyo. he told me there once were dustbins, but due to terrorist threats they were all removed from one day to another. instead there were signs saying one should take their garbage to their home. due to stalking incidences many cosplay cafes forbid taking pictures of the waitresses.

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