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Sat, 25 Sep 2010
iceland, day 13 (0 comments)
penultimate day in iceland, and it finally started to rain. according to the weather forecast this should have already taken place over one week ago (so, actually on day one). but we were lucky so far, so no complaining about really heavy rain showers. also, our first stop was skogafoss[002-007]. really bad conditions for our cameras. the spray of the waterfall and the really heavy rain. and although we both had water proof jackets and trousers the humidity got underneath the clothes and affected our cameras. so we avoided taking out the camera to take pictures as much as possible. too bad, because skogafoss was really an impressive and wonderful waterfall. next stop was another waterfall, namely seljalandsfoss[007]. less spectacular, still very nice and definitely worth the stop. after break at an N1 gas station and a N1 burger we drove to another waterfall. this one was called urriðafoss[010-018]. in the meantime the weather has gotten way better. no heavy rain any more.
next stop was the must-see touristy place called "geyser". i do still remember it as a very stinky place because of all the sulphur in the ground. this actually hasn't changed at all. but the rest has: there were now souvenir shops, a gas station, some hotels, a restaurant, and other things especially built for tourists at this place. good thing: the entrance to the geothermal fields was still free. there were some smaller geysers[020-023,052-062], and the big one, which erupts[024-051,076-085] approximately every 15 minutes. once it does, it takes only a few seconds and the show is over again. a huge hot water fountain of around 20 metres of height shot up into the sky with each eruption. was quit hard to guess when it starts at first. but by the time we could easily predict it and thus take pictures at the right time to capture this awesome event. there's also a strange flora[088-090] in the small sulphur rivulets.
the area[063-075] around the geysers was deep red and pretty muddy. so our shoes were all covered with the red clay. we also found a ladder that helped us to get over the fence around the geyser area. so we took a short walk up a little hill that provided us with an awesome overview of the area there. autumn already started to paint the landscape. all the deciduous trees gave a really wonderful view.
as we got thrown out of the souvenir shop there as it was already closing, we got on the car and headed for the next waterfall, gullfoss[093-122]. another very big and impressive one. there were several "platforms" around the waterfall. one was actually off the usual visitor's path but we decided to go there anyway. so we climbed over the cordoning and got pretty close to the waterfall[099-105]. then we went back again to see also the rest. this was actually one of the rare times when there were also more people around. same with the geothermal area around the geysers. but that was good practice for the days when we get back to crowded places again. after all we're heading for reykjavík, the capital of iceland. so we actually expect a lot of people there.
it already was dark outside, so we headed to selfoss to get a room in a hostel there. on our way there we suddenly noticed the dark sky turned orange. it was also pretty foggy and it just had started to rain again, so this looked really strange at first. we soon found out it was one of the glass houses[123-127], we have already seen several times near geothermal fields, but so far only during the day. they are heated with the steam from hot springs. and during the night they are all lit up as it seems. after a long day we finally arrived at the hostel. we both were pretty tired and got to sleep soon.

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