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Mon, 06 Aug 2012
day 03 in taiwan (0 comments)
day 03 started with the seek for a new hostel. the night before we tried to find a room via the internet. we found a cool hostel on the "youth hostel international" homepage, but they did not allow us to book a room for one female and one male person to be in a one room (be it double or twin), additionally all rooms were booked. the YHI site also listed the homepage of the hostel, so i wanted to read about their terms regarding mixed sex rooms. oddly enough i did not find a word mentioning the restriction. also they had an online availability check for rooms. so i tried this one too, because on the YHI site it said the hostel was fully booked for the rest of the year. ney, that believe we did not. but also the website of the hostel itself said so. but... still we tried, and went there this morning[01-11].
when we arrived, asking for a free double-room, they said yes, no strange looks because we wanted to share the same room. additionally we were asked if we'd prefer a twin or double bed room. so... the internet is not always right in taiwan. also, it seems they have plenty of rooms available (though we could not verify this, but the hallways were always pretty empty). what we got is actually a hotel room, with tv, wifi, fridge, shower and toilet, separated and in the room, a safe, a desk, a disposable shaver, a comb, toothbrushes, a shower cap, shower gel, towels, bedsheets, a blanket - all the stuff we did not have in the first hostel. also the price is pretty decent. oh, and there is breakfast included - yippieh (though i'm afraid taiwanese breakfast is not the stuff i'd want to eat in the morning, but we will find that out tomorrow...). now that we got a room, we needed to transfer the luggage. so we went back again, checked out, got our stuff, and went back again to the hostel. so walking the way three times in approximately one hour gave us smiling looks from security guards and other people that had to be positioned along our way. we found out that especially people in uniforms tend to give you a nice smile. either it's because they feel obliged to be friendly to visitors, or it is their extra amount of power they gain from the uniforms (or they think they gain). anyway... there were loads of friendly guards along our way, and it made it easier for us carry the heavy luggage.
after a shower (it's really very very very very [...] hot and humid here, and carrying all the luggage only made it worse) we were searching for the guanghua electronics digital plaza[17-19], a six floor electronic market full of electronic stuff. really impressive! only downside... it's not as cheap as we had hoped for, most of the stuff was even more expensive than back in austria. so all we bought was an adapter for our headphones to plug them into the airplane outlet, so that we can use our own headphones and not use the ones they give you during the flight. when we left the store it had started to rain, which did not make it any cooler, but only more humid. since we both were pretty tired and our feet hurt, we decided to go back to the hostel[20-21] and take a little nap before going to the night market. the little nap actually didn't make it better, but still we got up to go to the night market. and actually it was worth it. though it was only a very small one, they had nice stuff there to eat. so we bought some strange fruits[23], and "taro" balls [24]. next we tried some skewers[30-33], which you pick, then hand them all over to a guy who prepares them. the taste was awesome - nomnom...
unfortunately we had to leave very early (in numbers: 23:50), as this was the time of the last metro. it's seemed a little strange to us that in a city where loads of stores, shops, and other stuff is opened 24/7, and then the metro stops at around 24:00 o'clock. pretty strange. but, this way we got home and to bed early. track: day 03

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