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Sun, 24 Jul 2016
day 11 in scandinavia, finland (0 comments)
today we started our day with a long drive from tornio to oulu[01-95]. we arrived there in the early afternoon, checked in at the hotel then went out to explore oulu. while we ambled through the town, we came upon a stadium, where there was a big track and field competition, namely the 2016 finnish athletics championships[04-06]. there were various athletic contests going on, such as pole, long, high and triple jump, races over various distances, hammer, discus and javelin throw, and many more. we have already seen them on various tv sets in bars, and hotel rooms. so now we knew where this was taking place. athletics seem to be a big thing here in finland; or maybe there was just nothing else to show on tv.
the stadium was placed on a small island and almost filled it up entirely. in the centre of the town there are a few little islands, each of them connected with several bridges. in general, oulu was a very green city. we found many parks and lots of green spaces. it also seemed way friendlier than tornio - there was a friendly atmosphere all over this town.
we also noticed the red water[03,​18-23,​25-27,​29,​52,​54,​56,​60-61,​65,​67-68], which we had already seen before on previous days. according to robert, who told us about it a few days ago, this is because of the dissolved minerals. i was happy the tap water never had that colour. so far.
then we entered another big park, ainolan puisto[24-60], which spans over several smaller islands, where some were not accessible. there was a big rose garden[30-36] that nina enjoyed a lot.
loads of bees and bumblebees[37-38], loads of pokémon go mobs[39] (yes, of course i was jealous i could not join them, thanks to roaming fees). and there was even a publicly accessible greenhouse[40-50], that really looked amazing on the inside. along the little ponds there was lots of waterfowl again, many of them with cute fluffy little chicks.
a lot of trees were wrapped in webs[28,​58-59]. sometimes the entire tree was covered in them. we soon found out what the reason for that was: millions of ermine moths[58], building their communal larval webs. seeing whole trees swallowed up in the white sheath dresses was fascinating, remarkable, and disgusting at the same time. especially the larvae parties going on.
in the harbour area[62-89] there were lots of people enjoying the rest of this sunny sunday, that had temperatures up to 28°C and lots of sunshine. most of them were sitting, drinking and/or talking. there was also live music in the pubs and restaurants along the docks, that one could enjoy for free.
there were many little shops too, especially in the old market houses[69,​75-83] around the big market hall, called the oulun kauppahalli[70-71,​84,​86]. but since it was weekend, they all were closed - including the market hall. unfortunately.
it seems all restaurants in oulu close at 20:00 o'clock, so we faced the problem of where to get food. after quite a while of searching, we gave up as we simply just could not find a restaurant that would be opened for a little longer and still served hot meals. so we just went to a supermarket, and grabbed some food there. we took it back to our hotel room at the best western hotel apollo. that one, as many other hotels we had booked so far, was also lacking air condition in the rooms. with temperatures around 30°C this always means a rather warm night and room, where leaving the window opened was is no option because of the mosquitoes. so i guess this will be another sweaty night for me. finland is simply just for winter, it seems. at the hotel we did a research on organisers for bear photography, and sent a booking request to our favourite. hopefully they can fit us in an overnight package on such short notice, because that sounds like it would be a great experience. track for day 11.

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